3 Lip-Smacking Reasons Crawfish Is Good for Your Health

Spreading from backyard boils at a rustic bar to upscale dinner tables, crawfish are a Houston staple that can be enjoyed in a wealth of gastronomic displays and palettes. From your classic boiled, fried, grilled, to a heartier stew option, different hole-in-the-wall cafes and restaurants alike have something tastefully unique to offer to the table when it comes to impressing your taste buds.

Many love to dig their hands on the all-time-favorite crustacean, but common myths keep people from taking a bite out of the delicious crawfish boil. Most involve concerns about your health, but the list below proves that indulging in crawfish can be good for you and your cravings in more ways than one:

Benefit #1: Crawfish is a Good and Delicious Source of Lean Protein

Weight watchers and gym buffs looking for a celebratory meal that won’t punch a punch to your diet can find a healthy yet flavorsome option in crawfish dishes. Peeled crawfish tails can be a filling meal, but it won’t feel like a guilty pleasure since it has low calories, low fat, and offer a high protein source.

A serving of crawfish comes with 14 grams of protein and little-to-no unhealthy fats. It also has the right amount of B vitamins and other crucial minerals like iron, making it a delectable indulgence that can sate your hunger and boost your health all in one bite.

Benefit #2: Crawfish Provide a Well-Balanced Meal

Whether it’s a pound or eight of crawfish, it is often served with other complementary side dishes like potatoes, corn, and garlic. Crawfish remain the highlight of your plate, but these supporting ingredients can create a well-rounded meal that can turn your boil into an extravagantly healthy meal.

Benefit #3: Crawfish is Packed with Essential Nutrients

Seafood is often associated as a healthier alternative to meat since it contains a wealth of essential fatty acids, minerals, and fat-soluble vitamins. It’s different from other well-loved kinds of seafood like salmon since crawfish is leaner, making it a better source of vitamin-A and omega-3 fatty acids.

It is also low in saturated fat, making it an appetizing dish that can excite your palate and decrease health risks like heart disease, stroke, obesity, and hypertension.

The Bottom Line: Taking A Healthy Bite Out Of Louisiana’s Favorite Crawfish Dishes

The beer is flowing in every bar, and many hungry tipplers are waiting as the hotshot mudbugs boil. Now that we unshelled the truth about the health benefits of your go-to seafood specials’ health benefits, there’s no reason to stop yourself from digging into the crawfish game in Houston.
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Cracking Crawfish at Your Next Seafood Boil

If you’re a Houston crawfish rookie, don’t be too intimidated by its seemingly daunting shell. Especially for non-seafood eaters, attending a crawfish boil can leave you looking like a deer in the headlights. To avoid being the odd one out, familiarize yourself with this step-by-step guide—you’ll be cracking craws like a pro in no time.

The Anatomy of the Crawfish

Similar to lobster, the majority of crawfish meat is in its tail. However, you won’t want to ignore the head either, which is rich with sweet and briny chow—often the best part of a seafood crawfish boil. After separating the head and tail, give its juices a thorough sip and don’t be shy.

Step 1 – Twist and Pull

Rock the tail off the crawfish by gently twisting and pulling until they separate.

Step 2 – Pinch and Suck

Next, pinch the underside of the crawfish tail, which is closest to the tail fin. Much like a Ring Pop, you’ll want to press up, and with the other hand pull the meat out the other end. Take it slow—you’ll be more likely to pull the meat out smoothly along with the vein without having to peel off any shell.

Step 3 – Crush Away

Nothing is more adventurous than taking the lead on a crawfish head. Simply crush it between your fingers and suck out leftover boil juices like a shot glass.

Crawfish Beverage Pairings

The cherry on top of a delectable seafood boil is the drinks that go with it. If you’re chewing on crawfish, pair your meal with the following refreshments.


For a refreshing, cold, and acidic partner to your crawfish delight, you can never go wrong with a beer. A classic pilsner or lager makes for a suitable crawfish companion, although you could opt for a fruit-driven sour beer as well.


For wine connoisseurs, something aromatic can balance the sweetness of boiled crawfish.

The Do’s of Crawfish

DO wear dark clothing; you never know when you’ll encounter a spill.
DO keep a bottle of water handy. Houston crawfish boils can be notoriously spicy, so you’ll want to keep your palette cool and fresh.
DO pinch, peel, eat, and repeat! Knowing how to break a crawfish apart will bless you with its juiciest bits. Always start at the top of the tail, peeling the shell off gently.
Then, pinch and pull the loose meat, sucking the juices out as you finish off the best parts.

The Don’ts of Crawfish

DON’T wear valuable watches or jewelry. A crawfish boil is hardly ever neat, and you won’t want its juices on your finery.
DON’T rub your eyes. If we haven’t yet mentioned spices—which we definitely have—you’ll regret catching an itch on your eye.


A signature Houston dish, crawfish boils are an experience you can’t miss out on when traveling Texas. A hit-or-miss experience for crawfish newbies, discovering the best way to devour this sumptuous seafood is half the fun.

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